2022 Challenge

Set in motion your CSR, Eco-Responsibility, Circular-Economy and strengthen Digital Activities.

Starting January 1st 2022, the French Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Act N°2020-105 will ban the destruction of unsold stocks and make labelling products’ environmental characteristics mandatory.

Alongside our identified experts’ network, we will help you create, develop, communicate, and distribute in a more agile way

  • Become a company in which social ethics and eco-responsibility are common values to your teams, partners and clients.
  • Define your purpose, your grounds for actions, your story-telling, your story-making, all closer to your brand identity : genuine, authentic, and transparent.
  • Diagnose and build an action plan and responsabilise your value chain.
  • Accompany the rise of your digital department in a coherent way.

Our experts can intervene through consulting/transition missions, or permanent contracts in targeted jobs : HR, Merchandising, Collection Management, Creation, Design Office, Workshop, Development, Sourcing, Production, Marketing, Communication, E-Shopping.

Those « field experts » will bring you their know-how, collaborative methods, efficient process and will provide you with turnkey solutions. They will adapt them to your structure and needs, accompanying you towards a social and eco-responsible process, aiming for a virtuous and profitable system capable of facing fashion’s new key issues.

Our Scope of action

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  CSR Strategy – Action Plan

CSR Backing

HR Strategy

CSR Strategy - Action plan


OBJECTIVE : Meet the challenges facing your company and your stake-holders’ expectations (staff, suppliers and consumers).

Establishment of public fundings by certified organisations.

Our experts will help you understand the benefits of CSR and will walk you through a proper CSR approach.


A CSR approach is rewarded by a better global performance.

CSR Backing

Backing your staff on CSR matters

Our « Field-Experts » accompany every evolving trade in your company to train your employees :

To implement : eco-conception, innovation, collection plan, eco-sourcing, sustainable development, sustainable production and logistics, track & trace, local supply chain, story-telling and story-making, without setting aside profitability.

FOCUS - Recycling and Up-Cycling

FOCUS - Digital jobs

Training to integrate eco-responsibility and social responsibility to understand and check brand’s values with your clients’ community.

HR Strategy

HR summary, action plan and CSR implementation

Our HR experts establish:

FOCUS - Strategy and Contracts rules for remote working

In the pending and upcoming conjecture, most companies have to face the issue of remote working.

Our HR experts will provide dedicated solutions: